Wire art is typically African and is refined and combined with the eggs of the ostrich and the richness of glowing handmade glass.

Glaasstudio strives to be a reliable and successful supplier to the curio and décor markets by developing and maintaining positive relationships with all concerned.

We also believe that we, the inhabitants of Africa, need to look after themselves by creating and selling products to the outside world that we can be proud of.

The colours, moods and shapes of the savannah grasslands, volcanic koppies (hills) and vibrant sunsets that surround us, inspire each handcrafted wonder.

Each item is handcrafted with care and attention to detail, using wire, beads, stained glass, or a combination of the three.

Please know that when you buy a gift from us, you buy a genuine piece of Africa.

We are part of the "Open Africa Route" network. Visit their website at www.openafrica.org to find out more about this network.

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