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Some travellers hate the thought of driving through the Karoo en route up to Jo’burg or down to Cape Town. They will slap on the loudest CD in the car, turn up the volume, pin the old driving ears back and ”we’ll see you at the Three Sisters fuel stop, my old mate!”

But when you switch off the rock and roll, pull to the side of the road and drink in some of the great vastness they call the Karoo, your senses start coming alive. Suddenly you have this urge to knock at the door of a distant farmhouse, break bread with a Karoo dynasty, take a slow meander through the nearest town and admire the buildings – or go on a donkey trek to somewhere down a dirt road. Maybe scarf down a brace of lamb chops.

At some stage in your life, you simply have to let the Karoo Bug bite. To read all 21 rreasons why... Click here.

For each little "African Angel" giraffe sold, we donate part of the proceeds to an AIDS organisation.

The items are popular gits for children and make great Christmas Gifts as well.

This year we encougage people to support the needy and those less fortunate while bringing joy to those who receive these amazing angels.

We believe we can all make a difference and Glaasstudio will do all it can to promote the sale and subsequent support of those in need. We identify "Sunflower House" in Bloemfontein as the charity for this year. It is a small hospice for AIDS and cancer babies and small children.

During the course of last year we received an order for the manufacture of 2500 little wire and bead soccer players for a major municipality.

These little men were used during the handing over ceremony in Berlin (Soccer World Cup hand-over from Germany to South Africa) in 2006 by President Thabo Mbeki, as gifts for the dignitaries and media.

The contract meant that an additional 25 crafters had to be employed and trained to allow us to meet the deadline.

It was a wonderful job creation exercise for the few months the contract lasted and had the whole town abuzz with excitement.

tsamaya hantle ... go safely